The Biggest Question I Get Asked

I speak for a living.  And the biggest question I get when corporations want to bring me in to speak to their audiences is this: “When you get on stage and tell all of my people to go live their best lives, won’t they all quit?”   Well, the answer is, surprisingly, “No.”   Here’s

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Entrepreneurship isn’t for the Weak

Hustle porn tells us that “Entrepreneurship isn’t for the weak!”  And, it’s true: it’s not.   But it’s also not for the strong either.  Being single-focused, blindered, unwavering won’t get you far.  Or, at least it won’t keep you there when it does.   As a serial entrepreneur and life-long mentor and coach to entrepreneurs,

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Fire the Thief of Joy

“You are strong, for a girl.” “You did well in that class, for someone not so good at math.” “You look nice in that dress, definitely better than what you wore last time.” Ah, there’s nothing like a well-meaning compliment that runs face first into an insult. I like to give the benefit of the

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The Mondayest of all Mondays

The Mondayest of all Mondays is the Monday after vacation. I woke up this morning to that very Monday. But I love Mondays. Really, I do. I used to hate them, going through the weekend all woe-is-me with the S'Mondays encroaching and ruining my Sunday evenings, as if to add insult to injury. Then I

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I Love to Fly

I love to fly. Like, I really, really love it. Now, if you’re reading this and you have a serious fear of flying, I’m not going to waste your time with tips and tricks, diminish the exquisite immediacy your phobia, or try to negotiate with you about why you are more (so, so much more)

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Be The Hero Of Your Story

If you aren’t the hero of your story, it’s just not the right story. I’ve always believed this. But, note that I didn’t say hero of “the” story.  I said hero of “your” story. You see, I think too often we let someone else’s story play out as our own, unwittingly, all the while beating

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Embrace Your Inner Unicorn

Fun fact: I’m actually a unicorn. Look, you can see it here, revealed in my shadow. What makes me a unicorn? I give a shit. And, I don’t just give a shit. I give a metric fuck ton of shit. I’ve always been an all-in kind of girl. I don’t do anything halfway. Run a

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When You’re “Not Good Enough”

Last week I was told that I’m not good enough.  Twice.   One of those people looked me in the eye and told me that she knew I had work to do, saw my future, believed in me, and sat with me to help me map out how to get there.   The other did not.  She

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When I Was Held Back

When I was held back, I didn't know it. It's not abundantly apparent to those of us who believe we are pursuing the right path. Let me explain. I'm out in Denver at a conference for people like me who speak for a living. I was at this same conference this time last year. Holy

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Years ago, I was at a posh little restaurant on the fancy isle of Nantucket.   “You’ve got to get their Big Mac!  It’s the best thing ever! You won’t believe how much it’s just like a real Big Mac!” implored my friend and island host. And it was.  If you had blindfolded me and

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