Laura has spoken across the United States and internationally — at universities, companies, conferences, accelerators, a TEDx stage, and a military base — each time customizing her message to the audience in ways that get them to think differently and do more.

Her most well-received keynotes, and details of how she can personalize her time with your audience in order to achieve your goals:

Speaking Topics

Contagious Confidence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice

Self-doubt and uncertainty consign great ideas to limbo, hindering your team from exploring the big opportunities that will differentiate your company and disrupt the marketplace. That changes now. Through this interactive experience, Laura catalyzes the confidence of audience members, so that your up-and-coming talent can fully embody that aspirational state of leadership, and leave understanding what they need to do to activate that leader inside of themselves. Together, they explore this mindset, the actions it inspires and how, together, they create a momentum of contagious confidence which can’t be reversed. Audience members leave with a physical manifestation of their own personalized roadmap directing them to find and own the very core of their leadership voice, and with the confidence to make that dream a reality.

The Key to Solving Big Problems: Stop Asking “How Can I Help?”

Called to serve, want to solve the big problems? Each time we hear of a terrible situation, in our homes, our communities, our places of work, or the world at large, we ask ourselves, “How Can I Help?” And, we get in the way of actually helping. In this talk, which first debuted on the TEDxCambridge stage and has been shared thousands of times online, Laura implores audiences to stop asking this question, and to ask a better one, one that brings a fundamental shift in how we go about solving our most vexing of problems. This talk reframes the question, and gets entrepreneurs, staff, donors, volunteers, and investors out of their own way, avoiding the martyrdom, the burnout, and the malaise that sets in over time with entrepreneurs and founders, so that we can finally solve the big problems that plague us all. (Spoiler alert! It also works with our little everyday problems, too!)

One Life, One Shot: One Impact

What is the change you wish to see in the world? What are the personal and professional levers you hold that can make this change happen? And what are you going to do about the ones you lack? Laura takes no prisoners in this motivational talk, where she challenges audience members to change the emphasis from fear of failure to excitement about success. Aimed at the entrepreneurs and the misfits, the idealists and the dreamers, those seeking alignment with who they are and what they do, this talk lights a fire within that catalyzes energy and excitement towards becoming the change agent needed to maximize impact.

Laura tailors her keynotes based on your goals:

1. What would you like your audience to think/act/do differently?

2. How would you like your audience to feel after our time together?

3. What’s the one thing that would make this keynote a “knock out” blow for all?

Laura's Speaker Brochure

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Past Talks


  • Want a no nonsense speaker who can both charm and change your audience? Then hire Laura. You can always count on her to deliver the hard truths of business, leadership, and success -- all while keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

    Tamsen Webster
    Executive Producer, TEDxCambridge, Cambridge, MA
    Founder/CEO, Strategic Speaking
  • Laura is dynamic, authoritative, expert in leadership and discipline, and best of all, as a speaker, she delivers pithy, memorable, funny, insightful, and USEFUL guidance and inspiration to impact the journey of those with whom she connects. She is generous with her time, and a collaborative partner in making an event all it can be. For Girl Starter LIVE, Laura delivered powerful advice to female entrepreneurs and leaders of all ages, and followed up one on one with members of our audience.  We were so fortunate  to have her with us.  

    Dani Davis
    Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
    Girl Starter, New York, New York
  • I have had the privilege of working with Laura and to think of some simple words to sum up her awesomeness is quite a challenge. She is dynamic, passionate, and inspires action in her audiences. Her passion to inspire positive change in others is ever present and she is a complete pro in all that she does. I highly recommend Laura for your next event.

    Phil Jones
    Award-winning international speaker, author and trainer
    London, UK
  • Laura spoke for American Dream U at our event in Camp Zama, Japan. She shared the opportunities that the transitioning men and women of our Nation’s military have in the nonprofit world. She helped the audience think outside the box when it comes to transitioning back into the civilian workforce. We can’t wait to have her speak at another military installation in the future!

    Jess Holland
    Director of Business Development
    American Dream U, Camp Zama Japan
  • Laura was great! The talk was extremely interesting, engaging, and concrete. As the host of the event, I got a lot of positive feedback from the audience members after the session. 

    Shira Weinberg
    Co Founder
    LeadWith, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • We had the pleasure of having Laura speak at our Nonprofit Symposium in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Leading up to the event, she and  her team were easy to work with which eliminated a lot of stress that goes into planning a conference. Laura brings years of experience, insight, and enthusiasm to her presentations. I would definitely recommend booking Laura if you're looking for someone who is intelligent, fun to work with, dependable, and an all around great presenter. 

    Maggie Ortlieb
    Marketing Coordinator
    Armanino LLP, Los Angeles, CA


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Speaking Fees:

Laura’s speaking fees for keynotes and in-person engagements range from $10,000 to $15,000, depending on the location, duration, and level of customization you need.

Included in Laura’s fee:

  • One pre-event planning call with event organizers
  • A 60-90 minute keynote presentation
  • Attendance at one event-related promotional activity

50% fee is paid when the date is confirmed and contract is signed; the other half is expected upon completion of the talk. Travel is charged as one flat fee, to be remitted with the initial payment. Flat travel fee can be discussed.

Are there special discounts for nonprofits?  Laura gets this question a lot, given that she has spent 25 years in service to nonprofits and donates an enormous amount of her knowledge and network on behalf of organizations she holds dear.  The simple answer is this: yes though not often, but it is worth an ask.

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