Solve Big Problems: Stop Asking “How Can I Help?”

Do you feel called to serve?  Have what it takes to solve the big problems? Each time we hear of a terrible situation, in our homes, our communities, our places of work, or the world at large, we ask ourselves, “How Can I Help?”

As a result, we get in the way of actually helping.

In this talk, which first debuted on the TEDxCambridge stage and shared online thousands of times, Laura implores audiences to stop asking this question and to ask a better one, one that brings a fundamental shift in how we go about solving our most vexing of problems.

This presentation reframes the question and gets entrepreneurs, staff, donors, volunteers, and investors out of their own way, avoiding the martyrdom, the burnout, and the malaise that sets in overtime with entrepreneurs and founders so that we can finally solve the big problems that plague us all.

This gut-wrenching, heart-invoking keynote speaks to core of nonprofit agencies and organizations, volunteers, donors, investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to break through barriers holding their teams back from finding real solutions to stagnating problems.