The Limitless Chat

What’s holding you back?

During COVID-19, your physical world has become limited. But your ambition and your imagination need not be.

When life “goes back to normal,” will the “normal” you go back to be the life you really want?

Join me for this informative webinar to learn the three biggest lies (that your are telling yourself) that are standing in between you and living the life you were meant to live.

A limitless life isn’t just for other people. It’s not too late. You’re not too old (or too young).

Your best life is right there waiting for you.

Let me show you how to grab it.

The Limitless Chat Webinar

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Dr Christina Guthier PhD Limitless Course Testimonial

As occupational health and organizational psychologist, I am often skeptical when self-help books and courses claim to offer quick fixes for complex challenges. Laura’s Limitless course is nothing like that: she engages you to reflect on what really matters in your life, enables you to reimagine your work life, and encourages you to realize a limitless life. If you are looking for a truly supportive companion and a community who is genuinely cheering you on to become the best version of yourself, Laura‘s Limitless course is the right choice for you!

Dr. Christina Guthier, PhD, Organizational Psychologist
Carmen Arce-Bowen, CEO, The Partnership, Inc

“I just finished modules 5th and 6th – and 21 written exercises all in! I was just in awe of the 5th module on contribution. I feel like you were talking directly to me in live coaching!  It was almost kind of freaky and enlightening to what I am thinking about these days. I could have paid you thousands of dollars for that module alone!”

Carmen Arce-Brown, CEO, The Partnership, Inc.
Jason Goldstein Food Network Star Finalist

“Limitless is exactly what you feel while you take this course! The examples Laura gives in each section open your mind to the possibility that you can have your dreams. But most importantly she helps you define the why so that that dream can be a reality. The worksheets at the end of each section are so amazing. They help apply step by step what you are learning. This is a life change not just a stepping stone. I highly recommend this course! Become limitless and live your best life!”

Jason Goldstein, Chef, New York City, Food Network Star Finalist
Tameka Fryer Brown

“The Limitless course is the catalyst I have needed to create a more impactful and satisfying life, advanced by goals that are clear, precise, and focused. Especially helpful have been the Friday Live chat sessions with Laura Gassner Otting. Each discussion has either illuminated areas I still need to work on or confirmed the value of choices I’ve already made. Sometimes both. LGO is insightful and gifted at what she does. I’m so happy that I signed up for this course!”

Tameka Fryer Brown, Children’s Book Author
Karen Marquandt Wyers

“There are so many folks that can use LGO as a bestie right now — not the kind of BFF that tells you your hair looks nice and that colour brings out the blue in your eyes, but the kind of bestie that is uncompromising about your potential… your limitlessness.  She’s there when you are in doubt. Getting this course is getting LGO in your living room.  Message and she’s right back ‘atcha.  Ask questions and she’s answering it in her next Friday Live session… and giving more than just the answer you thought you needed, too. She reiterates all the key points in the book but inserts even more stories and examples and plain-speak.  I’m not a person who responds to frou-frou.  I’m more of a frank.  And LGO speaks to me… no fluff and all ass-kick!  Perfection.

Karen Marquandt Wyers, Entrepreneur
Patrick Farran, PhD, MBA Co Founder and CEO of Ad Lucem

“This isn’t just another course. Laura takes you on a journey. And it’s not for the faint of heart. But, if you are ready to do some serious soul searching and change the trajectory of your life for the better, then strap in. Laura is a powerful and authentic Sherpa who has climbed her own mountains and can help you identify, assess, and climb yours. Her insights and the exercises she takes you through are deeply reflective. At the same time, they are tangible and actionable in such a way to propel you forward. This isn’t some cookie-cutter – “look what I did, you can do it too” course. The real beauty of her process is that she recognizes and appreciates the innate and unique value that is deep within you as she helps you to unlock this unharnessed capacity. Laura is a catalyst for stirring this deep change from within, that only you can make. She is quick to discard the crazy rat-race notion that it’s about competing with the Joneses that will leave you feeling empty. You are only competing with yourself and the perceived constraints with which you have shackled yourself. Laura will help you realize that you are, indeed, Limitless.”

Patrick Farran, PhD, MBA, Co-founder & CEO Ad Lucem Group