How do you become a relationship expert, and what can we all learn about being relatable to anyone at any time?

Join Laura Gassner Otting as she hosts this episode of LGOtv with special guest, Rachel DeAlto. Connector, Aspirant, Appreciator.

Rachel DeAlto is a communication and relationship expert, media personality, and speaker. She is the author of “relatable: How to Connect with Anyone Anywhere (Even if It Scares You)” Rachel has appeared as a relationship expert on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight and TLC’s Kate+Date. Rachel DeAlto maintains a law degree and a Master’s in psychology. In addition to her regular appearances, Rachel has also been featured on over 200 national media outlets, and has given three TEDx talks including Being Authentic in a Filtered World which is featured on

1:43 How do I people?
3:20 How to go from picking heads off dandelions in the corner to becoming a relationship expert?
3:53 We learn from our pain.
5:47 The level of humility we experience makes us show up differently.
8:09 Where do you show up on the vulnerability scale?
9:12 We need to remind ourselves and our inner child that it’s okay to just take that next baby step.
11:21 Rejection is a part of life we all experience.
12:01 It’s okay to not be okay when we’re rejected – the hard part is getting up and taking that step again.
12:37 You are not defined by those who reject you.
20:18 It takes 18 months for people to show all of their sides to someone.
23:30 Build a strong foundation remotely.
25:11 Let down your green screen!
25:54 We please so that they don’t leave.
26:45 How do you feel when you say yes?
27:44 What if your love language is giving gifts?
28:13 Presence over presents.
33:06 Do not expect you, from other people.
34:42 3 Pillars: Connect, Communicate. Inspire.
35:56 We don’t have to be perfect, just show up better than yesterday.
37:37 Once we decide who we are, how do we get the confidence to fly our freak flag?
46:15 The way we show up.
49:00 How do we figure out how to be self aware?
49.40 Answer: 1. Observation 2. Get Curious.
55:38 Inspiration…and then what?


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