How do you tell a story that resonates?

Jay Acunzo explores why work resonates and how ours can too. He hosts the narrative podcast Unthinkable, creates original series for B2B brands, and is the author of the book, Break the Wheel.

0:47 Secret Facebook Society.

1:22 The Media Guide!

3:41 Tell us about Jay as a child.

4:40 Love & Procreation episode parody.

9:01 The power of letting the audience linger in doubt and uncertainty – this is a storytelling game changer.

12:10 The role of structure and creativity.

14:16 There are two ways to rehearse: Do it a lot, or don’t do it at all.

14:44 Blueprints vs. Frameworks.

16:29 My first TedxTalk by LGO.

17:20 Find your own stage voice, don’t use someone else’s.

22:30 “You damn dirty dog you!”

26:40 Game tape.

30:16 If you get bored while talking on stage and you’re certain your audience is too, take a pause and bring your audience back.

32:50 Navigating the factual and emotional gray areas.

33:05 Tips & Tricks r’ Us.

34:29 Speak in open loops.

35:56 “I want to be the Anthony Bourdain of B2b storytelling.”

38:31 There are two enduring rules of storytelling: 1. Something happens 2. It wasn’t certain that it would.

41:14 People don’t just climb Mt. Everest. The real story is climbing to base camp 1 and back down to the bottom. Then climbing to base camp 2 and back down again…

43:15 Storytelling: Is it clear? This is how it feels for me. Does it feel this way for you too?

45:29 Resonance – The urge to act that you suddenly feel when the story aligns with you and your life.

48:55 Annoying many to convert the few is not a good marketing plan.

50:36 We undervalue tiny pockets of big emotional response.

52:40 You are always the first member of your audience.

55:19 Ask a question that Google can’t answer.

58.07 Don’t skip the messy middle. You will get Green Smoothie Problems.

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