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How do you find your best customers, and why is it important to cast the widest net?

Join Laura Gassner Otting as she hosts this episode of LGOtv with Pamela Slim.

Pamela Slim – Entrepreneurial Fire Starter, Partnership Expert, Diversity Champion.

Pamela Slim is an award-winner author, speaker and business coach who works with small business owners ready to scale their businesses and IP. She is the author of Escape from Cubicle Nation (Penguin Portfolio, 2009) and Body of Work (Penguin Portfolio, 2014) and her newest book, The Widest Net (McGraw Hill, November, 2021). Pam and her husband Darryl co-founded the K’é Main Street Learning Lab in Mesa, Arizona, where they host scores of diverse community leaders and regular small business programming.

0:54 Main Street Learning Lab.

2:00 The Big Blank Canvas.

5:09 What’s the goal that makes you get up at 2am when all hell breaks loose?

10:30 In 23 cities, a 3 month tour, only 7 people had seen a native american leading a conference as a subject matter expert.

11:17 Who is here? Who is not here? Why?

17:50 Delay to action.

19:22 No one talks about when it gets really ugly and all the sacrifices to get to your goals.

20:40 New business is like a 2 year old; it needs time and space to grow.

25:31 When you ask someone for advice, they become more involved in watching you succeed.

36:50 Are there other people who are already reaching customers that you love?

40:52 Tiny marketing actions are not always marketing

41:46 It’s about having clarity and passion of your mission

45:00 PBJ Partners

47:50 The dark underbelly.

56:12 How to figure out when you need a partner and who they should be.

58:02 Test and try with potential partners.