What does it take to become the first female coach in the NFL, and how do you handle the pressure thrust upon you when you do? Join Laura Gassner Otting as she hosts this episode of LGOtv with special guest, Dr. Jen Welter – Catalyst, NFL Coach, Glass Kicker.

1:40 – Were you athletic as a child?
3:14 – “My first love was football and I think it was because they looked like superheroes to me.”
5:04 – “This guy tells me because of my height and my build, I’ll never be strong enough to play pro tennis…It shifted my whole mindset.”
5:52 – “I did start lifting weights at that point because I didn’t want anybody to tell me I wasn’t strong enough.”
7:15 – “In team sports, I really found myself.”
9:42 – “Then I found rugby. It’s football meets soccer, and they tackle!”
12:05 – “At this level I can teach other people to do what you do, I can’t double your size”
13:00 – “It’s no wonder that I haven’t been in corporate America since then. False advertising.”
13:50 – “I don’t care who you, every single one of us has that moment of doubt.”
14:40 – “What if I got so close to this love of my life and it doesn’t love me back?”
18:55 – “You’re going to have to cut me or kill me.”
19:00 – “I didn’t want to be the narrative of, ‘We had a girl once…”
20:25 – “Not expecting things to be perfect can allow you to let yourself off the hook to be a little bit more adventurous.”
22:38 – How do you navigate being the first one of one when there’s no other like you?
33:00 – “As a coach, the second you have to worry is when I get quiet. Why? Because I’ve given up on you.”
35:20 – “Speak when you have value, and if you don’t, be okay with silence.”
45:06 – “It wasn’t about me.”
49:47 – “Professionalism is a mindset, it is not what they pay you.”
1:00:00 – Critter Fitter Children’s Book Series

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