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What on earth is a high school senior to do in this weird wacky college admissions year, and how are we parents going to survive it, too? Join Laura Gassner Otting as she hosts this episode of LGOtv with special guest, Dr. Aviva Legatt – Elite Admissions Expert, Theatre Kid, Rebel Heart

Time Stamps:
3:22 – “For rising seniors, my heart goes out to you”
4:10 – The biggest difference for COVID applicants is standardized test scores.
4:33 – Does “test-optional” mean that those who have test scores will still receive preference?
8:04 – How does an admissions officer know the difference between traditional and non-traditional students and schools?
10:00 – How do students tell their story when they’re relying so heavily on GPAs during this time?
10:21 – What can students use to set themselves apart when all of the internships, extracurricular activities, and sports are canceled?
14:30 – The two things every student should include in their essay.
14:57 – How do high school students build a robust, well-rounded experience when they can’t even show up for school?
17:55 – Should students do lots of different things lightly, or go deep on one thing and show impact?
20:18 – The activity list and resume list are the best places to demonstrate impact.
20:28 – Use the S.T.A.R. framework.
23:28 – During this time where admissions rely less on test scores, will students who are quirky and interesting standing out more?
24:15 – How to use the COVID-19 hardship section on admission applications.
26:36 – Writing about COVID loss.
27:42 – What does “ACT / SAT optional” really mean?
33:37 – Athletes should note that scholarships for NCAA still require test scores.
34:24 – How does the scholarship process work this year?
36:22 – Universities rely heavily on full-freight international students. What are you expecting there?
39:02 – Have you seen any schools that stand out in terms of robust distance-learning or infrastructure that predates COVID?
41:30 – “What is the true value of college?”
43:34 – I feel for the college freshmen who are not going to have the first-year experience.
44:55 – What about the gap year?
46:26 – You don’t have to go to college this year to have a successful life, but if you want to go to college then you should.
46:56 – Is there a strategy to leverage acceptance to one school to get into a school that initially rejected them?
48:40 – A useful tool: the Emerging Leader Program.
50:46 – Speed-round questions: Would you send your student to college this fall? How do we say goodbye if we do send our kids to college? Is college right for every kid and who should make alternative plans?

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