This opportunity almost didn’t happen…

…but it was one of my highlights of 2019. ⁣

Let me take you back:⁣

Whenever anyone posts about Limitless, I love to reach out. ⁣

“Hi… I’m Laura. You’ve been posting about me and my book, and I figured I would say hello.”⁣

When I reached out to @trinagray and she was shocked. ⁣

But we started messaging and she told me that she’d been teaching her Beachbody coaches lessons from my book. She asked if I’d mind getting on a call to talk a bit about her ideas. ⁣

Not only did I not mind, I suggested a zoom instead. And our 15-minute business meeting turned into and hour plus and a friendship. ⁣

The story of her finding Limitless was wacky, and purely chance. It almost didn’t happen.  

She was in NYC with her girlfriend. This was their first weekend away together. Heading to the airport, she realized they needed to pick up a few gifts for the kids, and headed into @barnesandnoble. ⁣

She told me that she saw my book across the store, beckoning her with its bright yellow cover with its shiny infinity logo. She was standing in line already, but handed the armful of gifts to her girlfriend and said, “Hold my place. I have to go see that book.”⁣

She read Limitless on the plane home and knew that it would inspire her coaches like it inspired her. So she started talking to them about how to achieve everything they ever wanted, and began quoting me in weekly calls and on social media. She told me that the coaches were loving it. She wanted to bring me in for their special annual retreat. ⁣

She asked me if there was any chance I could just pop into her annual top coaches retreat via zoom, just for a few minutes to say hello. I offered to fly to Philadelphia and do an hour keynote in person instead. ⁣

Why? Because she told me her story. She was authentic. She was open. She was honest. She led with her truth and she led with her heart. ⁣

And when I learned her whole story, I couldn’t help but want to be part of her momentum. The work that she has done has helped so many get in shape, get confident, and become financially independent. ⁣

It almost didn’t happen.  And yet, it did.  So my question to you is this: how are you leading, authentically, honestly, and from your heart today?

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