How to become a children’s book author, and why does representation matter? Join Laura Gassner Otting as she hosts this episode of LGOtv with special guest, Tameka Fryer Brown – Observer, Striver, Recovering Perfectionist

3:05 – Welcome fellow North Miami Senior High Pioneer! Class of 1988!
7:06 – “Reading a book with my daughter changed my life.”
9:01 – We are all made up of patterns from our past.
13:12 – Will kids today go through the same mid-life shift as us?
15:30 – A rejection letter opened the door to success.
17:16 – Did you learn the craft of writing or marketing first?
23:06 – The best literary agents are the ones that guide your career.
25:32 – How do you know when you’ve found your voice?
33:15 – A book can have a universal story and be a source of representation at the same time.
34:04 – “Publishing is 80% white” and there are not enough books, even about black stories, written by “own voices.”
37:38 – If someone is trying to diversify the inputs, are there are certain authors, curators, and lists that we can go to?
40:13 – What to read to learn more about racism right now?
43:42 – What was your experience in high school?
46:32 – High school to me, was still mostly white
50:07 – How do you stay ‘pure’ when writing? How do you write what you want to write, while also writing a book that will sell?
59:06 – “Sometimes the nostalgic feeling hits me.”

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