Why would someone ever want to run for office, and how on earth do you run a political campaign during a global pandemic and a social justice re-awakening? Join Laura Gassner Otting on this episode of LGOtv: Big Talk as she interviews Jesse Mermell – Congressional Candidate, Judy Garland Enthusiast, and Dog Mom.

2:04 – Who is Jesse Mermell?

2:58 – Why on earth would anybody put themselves out there to run for office right now?

4:03 – You have to be an optimist to be engaged in your community.

6:24 – Jesse is a huge Judy Garland fan.

9:42 – You are a manager, and that’s a compliment.

15:30 – The hardest working candidate?

16:02 – How has COVID-19 affected your campaign?

18:29 – That sad state of Equal Pay in the United States.

22:48 – If you were a man, how would things be different?

28:22 – Issues speed round.

37:21 – What is it going to take for COVID-19 recovery?

39:03 – We need to look at every policy issue through the lens of racial justice.

41:01 – Taking on Trump.

43:00 – Campaigning during COVID-19.

49:00 – How can people support Jesse Mermell today? www.jessemermell.com


Social Links Instagram: @jmermell Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jesse4MA

LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesse-mer…

Twitter: @jessemermell

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