Confidence, power, brilliance. I could look at Janelle Monae all dae in her limitless yellow. ⁣

“Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable. I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness.”— Janelle Monae⁣

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something, anything, because you didn’t think you would do it perfectly?⁣

As a kid, I stayed in my lane. I exhibited talents in words, in debate, in student government. So I ran like hell from math and science. Except I didn’t actually run, because I was terrible at gym, too. ⁣

As an adult, you get to discover that there are multitudes within you, all just waiting for you to tap in them. How?⁣

• Give yourself the grace of messing up. Be awkward. Be wrong. Failure isn’t finale, it’s fulcrum. ⁣

• Do the work you have been called to do, regardless of other people’s opinions. Lean into what’s meaningful for you. Wear your heart on your sleeve and people will compliment your fashion sense.⁣

• Unlearn. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Put yourself in rooms, physical or virtual, where people know more than you. Decolonize you’re bookshelf, your newsfeed, your podcast. Diversify your inputs. Grow, learn, evolve. ⁣

• And, be yourself. Unless you can be Janelle Monae. In the case, Monae all Dae.