There is nothing like a crisis to focus you on what is really important.  And what is really important? Pooping.

Can you spare a square?  Times are tough, and they are about to get tougher.  We all need to do our part.

And, your part is to take care of yourself so that you need less TP.

Sure, that’s silly, but bear with me a minute.  If you exercise and eat healthy and drink plenty of water, you will have clean poops.  And clean poops need less toilet paper than their nasty, sludgy, bedraggled brethren. Martin Luther King once said, “Everybody is great, because everybody can serve.”  I’m not sure this is what he meant, but let’s go with yes.

Taken more broadly, what else can you do to serve your fellow human outside of the obvious donations, gift certificates, and staying the fuck home?  Here are three things you can do, none of which cost a dime, and all of which take ten minutes or less.

  1. Look your family members in the eye.  Tell them you see them. Acknowledge that their experience with this might differ from your experience with this, despite the fact that you are all under the same roof.  Their loss, their fear, their grief, their anger, their hope, their connection, their acceptance are all on their own schedule. Honor that schedule by being present for it. 
  1. Write a letter — an old fashioned, pen-to-paper, lick the stamp letter — to someone you love, and pop it in the mail.  The days and weeks and months to come will be made lighter with your gratitude, your love, your joy, your art.
  1. Remember who you are when you are at your very best, and find something right now, today, where you can be that person.  Are you a curator of incredible people? Host a Zoom call. Are you a pop culture nerd who always knows the latest? Share with abandon the fun bits you find.  Are you a systems thinker? Develop a structure to uphold your family where everyone can take part. We all have gifts to bring to bear, each in our own special and unique way and so I say this to you, whoever you are, regardless of what you bring to the table: your time is now.

Now, go eat your vegetables.