How to get on more stages. Ryan Foland speaks with Laura Gassner Otting, an international speaker who talks about success and living life by your own standards, not those of others. She inspires audiences around the world to push past the doubt and indecision that hold them back—including those speakers who feel stuck on small stages. In this candid and free flowing talk, Ryan and Laura discuss numerous topics, from how to use video effectively, to stand up comedy, to how to make meaningful connections with event organizers, audiences and other speakers to build your network and excel in your speaking career. Listen to this podcast to find out: – How to get on bigger stages – Why video is an essential marketing tool, and how to get started – Why watching stand-up might be a better way to learn about audience engagement than TED Talks – The benefits of being able to speak off-the-cuff, and some tips on how to do it. – How to bounce back when you make a mistake or get rejected.