Laura Gassner Otting helps innovators, idealists and iconoclasts get “unstuck” and achieve extraordinary results. The best selling author of Limitless, she helps change-makers get past doubt and indecision. Laura wants us to think bigger and accept greater challenges beyond our current limited scope of belief and identify.   When people ask Laura what she does, how does she like to reply? “We know when things aren’t right; we just don’t always quite know what’s wrong.” How do we know? What is the path, and how do we go about setting our path? The Four Elements of Consonance. What’s a great executive search question to look into the soul of a candidate? What’s Laura’s take on “find your purpose, live your purpose?” How do we help our children to foster a limitless approach as they progress and grow through their careers and life? When people are negative towards Laura in the media, what’s Laura’s internal dialogue? “Screw the Joneses. Stop the madness. Be you — perfectly dorkily snorkily you. The world needs more you.” Are our lives being hindered by comparison? What’s something that has changed for Laura since writing the book? Best advise Laura ever received was ”you’re just not that important.” How does Laura use that advise? Where has Laura had to apply her thinking to herself to remove limits? What lesson did Laura take from the White House that today has had a profound impact on her as a leader? What is a choice Laura made that has made her who she is today?