“You are strong, for a girl.”

“You did well in that class, for someone not so good at math.”

“You look nice in that dress, definitely better than what you wore last time.”

Ah, there’s nothing like a well-meaning compliment that runs face first into an insult. I like to give the benefit of the doubt that it’s usually not intentionally malicious. Most often, it’s verbal vomit meets a lack of self-awareness in a sloppy, awkward open-mouthed kiss of stupidity.

But, sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes it comes from a person who just can’t take your happiness, not because they don’t want you to be happy — though that might be the case — but because they have seen your happiness as reflection and magnification of their lack thereof. Therefore, they become a thief of joy on a mission to steal your right out from underneath your hard work and sacrifice.

Happiness is not like pie.  We can all have as much as we want.

These ne’er do wells are energy suckers, they are tire deflators, they are balloon poppers.  You’ll recognize them by the way the cheer of their voices belies the soulless void of their eyes.  They sit in the corner keeping score, watching everyone, all smiles in the front and daggers in the back.

I recently heard someone say, “You know, you can unfollow people in real life, too.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough time in my life for the people who are Love Embodied, those people who cheer me on even when it’s clear that I’m going to come in last.  So, why would I spend even one precious moment with those who can’t even muster happiness for me when it’s clear that I’m going to win? The capital offense committed by these sorts isn’t just damning silence, it’s the active sapping of life.  They are a thief of joy. I’m going to fire their asses, and it’s time that you did so, too.



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