I love to fly.

Like, I really, really love it.

Now, if you’re reading this and you have a serious fear of flying, I’m not going to waste your time with tips and tricks, diminish the exquisite immediacy your phobia, or try to negotiate with you about why you are more (so, so much more) likely to die in a car crash. I’m just going to tell you to hit that little “x” in the top corner of your browser and go about your day.

I’m talking to the rest of you, those who see flying as a hassle, a chore, an annoyance. Take a moment and imagine with me if you saw the journey not as the path to the destination, but part of the destination itself. Wouldn’t that change everything?

Imagine the hours of cocooned focus on the book you’ve been meaning to read, the blog post you’ve been meaning to write, the candy you’ve been meaning to crush!

Imagine the online shopping, the festival of personalized snacks, the carousel of trashy movies!

Imagine the alone time for quiet, reflective meditation or, if you are an extrovert (…shudder…) the endless small talk with strangers!

And what’s even better? On the other side of that flight lies adventure. Delicious, sumptuous, magnificent adventure!

Wrap your heart around this certainty of life: Any hairy goal demands work, any juicy win extracts a measure, any desired destination includes a journey. What if we stopped hating the journey and started leaning into it, welcoming its generous gifts of Left turns and right turns and u-turns? What if we left room in our carry-on for the failure and learning and renewal?

Wouldn’t we be more ready to embrace the adventure once we got there?