Fun fact: I’m actually a unicorn. Look, you can see it here, revealed in my shadow.

What makes me a unicorn? I give a shit.

And, I don’t just give a shit. I give a metric fuck ton of shit.

I’m a metric fuck ton shit giver unicorn.

I’ve always been an all-in kind of girl. I don’t do anything halfway. Run a mile, why not a marathon? Build a cathedral, why not an institution? Write a book, why not a bestseller? It’s not that I choose to do everything all-in. “Everything” is a sucker’s game. It’s that I found my calling, and I choose the work that connects deeply to that specific calling. And I give a shit about that, a metric fuck ton of shit about that.

So, you know, that makes me seem special to people. “Gee, LGO is so successful. She can do anything. Everything comes naturally to her.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, my stage may look enviable, but make no mistake: I’ve worked my ass off for 25 years to get to what looks like an overnight success, to get to what makes me look like a unicorn.

But I am a unicorn (see above, shadows don’t lie).

And, here’s why.

Unicorns aren’t people with unique talents or special superpowers. They are people who have figured out what sets them apart, and the spotlights that shine best upon them, and they’ve delved deep into living into that life every damned day, taking it seriously, grinding out the work, never settling for the slow drip of mediocrity when the pain got hard and the suffering got long. They give a shit about themselves, and about the people they love and the causes, they hold dear.

I’m a unicorn because I choose what I want to accomplish, and bring the very best of myself to each of those endeavors weekly, daily, hourly. I give a shit about it, so I treat it with the respect it deserves. It is my true north.

So, my question to you is this: what do you give a shit about, and where are you going to be a fucking unicorn?

Give a shit. The world needs more unicorns.

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