It’s finally here!  No, not my birthday (though, yes, it’s my birthday!)


It’s the other birthday: the birth of my book launch!  Today is both my birthday AND the official launch, six weeks to publication, of the pre-order campaign for my book Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life.


I know, I know… I could have gestated an elephant in the time that it’s taken to launch this book.  And, during all of that time, you’ve asked what I need, and how you can help, and what YOU can do to bring this book and its message to the world.


First, shucks.  You really know how to spoil a gal.  Your love and support and encouragement has meant the world to me.  Truly, this book came about a bit by accident, and part of the way through, I realized that it might actually have LEGS.  Your support has made me realize that it actually has WINGS. I’m humbled, and a bit stunned, and think that all of you should be forewarned that there are messy hugs and sloppy kisses coming your way when next I see you.  (Yeah, even those of you I don’t even yet know… I’m an equal opportunity drooly puppy. Consider us pals, yo.)


Second — tips hat to the publisher to get serious and stop blathering about gratitude and get on with the actual movement of product, I know, I know — it’s time to pre-order your copy of Limitless.  And, it’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you pre-order your books NOW.  Like, make-or-break important. Really. Seriously. Did I mention that you should pre-order the book?  (Oh, and send this to six friends to do same.)


Why all the hoopla about pre-orders?

I’ve learned that in the modern publishing world, the more traction that is seen with early pre-orders, the more the publisher can convince retailers to buy and stock more copies, which informs the number of books the publisher prints, and the number of books we can sell, and the number of lives we can change.


Gee, Laura, this sounds like you want to sell a lot of books?

Well, yeah.  But, it’s not just because I want to rake in the dough for myself.  In fact, consonant with who I am, I’d like to sell a metric ton of books in this pre-order campaign so that I can maximize a promise that I made to myself at the beginning of my career: do well and also do good.


Let’s change lives, and change the world, together.

As an introvert — I know, weird, right? — putting the spotlight on myself is hard.  So, I hate — like detest with a revulsion deep in my bones — the idea of asking for help.  But, I love helping others. So, here’s a win-win: I will donate a portion of the proceeds of all of the books sold in the pre-order campaign to a range of charities.

Which ones?  This is where YOU come in.

Once you’ve bought your book(s), send me a copy of your receipt to [email protected], with a nomination of a charity that you know and love. Include a couple sentences about why this charity matters to you, and what it does to empower others (people, animals, the environment, etc) to live a limitless life.  And so, on book launch day (April 2), I’ll announce ten nonprofits to whom we’ll be making a donation.


But, wait, there’s more!  Pre-Order Bonuses for YOU!

Pre-order ONE COPY of Limitless and I will send you my Limitless Loot Pack, which includes:

  • 4 Ways To Discover Your Calling e-book
    Four unconventional ways to IMMEDIATELY start creating your own path for a LIMITLESS life
  • Limitless Digital Workbook
    This workbook will help you put the advice from the book into daily practice
  • Limitless Quote Art
    Professionally designed art with inspirational Limitless quotes you can print for your office, or post and share to remind yourself and those around you about the power of choosing a LIMITLESS life


Have a book club or group of friends you’d like to invite to read along with you?

If you pre-order FIVE COPIES, I’ll send the Limitless Loot Pack, above, plus my Digital Group Discussion Guide. Learning together can be helpful to create accountability and discover new possibilities.  And, let’s face it, some of us are just here for the wine and gossip. The book isn’t long.  But if you don’t have time to get through it: I gotchu.


So, that’s my humble ask of you.  Join me, and let’s change ourselves, let’s change others, let’s change the world. Let’s be LIMITLESS!