As I prepare for the launch of MY forthcoming book LIMITLESS, I’m re-reading so many good books. So, I want to share the wisdom from my nerd-crush authors: Brené Brown, Alison Levine, Jen Sincero and Carey Lohrenz


Carey is a pretty big badass. What’s amazing about Carey is she takes everything that she has learned and distills them in this book and the 3 fundamental elements of real leadership: courage, tenacity, and integrity. Not only does Carey go through that in this book, but she tells real-life stories from being a pilot in the navy and tells you how to applies these elements into real-life situations.


ON THE EDGE by Alison Levine:

Alison takes the lessons that she’s learned from extreme adventures and applies them to her book. Including, climbing Mt. Everest twice as well as skiing on the North and South Pole and hiking almost every major mountain in this planet. Alison is amazing and On the Edge is a fantastic book where you can learn leadership lessons from someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk. (MY book LIMITLESS profiles Alison too!)


DARE TO LEAD by Brėne Brown:

We spend a lot of time thinking about what leadership is made of and what it looks like.  However, we don’t spend a ton of time thinking about what’s inside. We don’t think about the empathy, courage, and connection that makes a great leader. These are such important skills that Brene talks about in her book. Brene knows what it takes to create daring, courageous leaders that lead with their whole heart.


YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero:

You are a badass and there is a badass inside of you. Therefore, Jen Sincero is going to help you get it out. If you are ready to stop doubting your greatness, if you are ready to kick some serious butt, and if you are ready to stop telling yourself a ridiculous story that you can’t do it, then this book will help you get yourself out of your own way. Get ready to find that inner badass that we all know you have inside of you so you can start living a Limitless life!


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