We’ve all laid in bed having those fantasies.

No, not *those* fantasies!  (Well, maybe those too…)

I’m talking about the ones that happen in the morning after your alarm pulls you out of your sweet, sweet slumber.  The alarm rings out, jarring you awake, and your very first thought is, “Ugh, what if I didn’t go to work today?”

Now, of course, that thought is natural.  Especially on days when the weather is dark and cold and snowy and we want to stay oh, so cozy.  Especially on days when the weather is beautiful and sunny and warm and the beach awaits.  Especially on a day when there is, well, any weather at all.  Especially on days, period.

But, here is why it happens: When we don’t feel connected to our work, when we don’t see the connection that our work has to our overall calling, our dreaming mind, that fantasizing mind works overtime in desperation to connect us to something else, to anything else.

The grass looks greener over there simply because we can’t even see our own grass here.

To be limitless, we need to be in consonance.  That means understanding the importance that we place on having a connection to our work.  The role that connection plays, as well as calling, contribution, and control, will make up your own personal tapestry; you can figure this out by taking my Limitless Assessment here.

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