I have a freak flag. And I’m damned proud of it.


That wasn’t always the case. I worked hard to fit in, to be like everyone else, to wear the right clothes, get the right jobs, say the right things. And, I was good at it, and it sucked.


You see, I was kicking ass at imitating the flock, following the herd, being in consonance with expectations. But I was never good enough.


And, then one day, it hit me. The reason that I wasn’t good enough was that I was trying so hard to be like everyone else that I failed at doing the one thing that I could do better than anyone else: be me.


I was not in consonance.


Every week I get on stage and insist that people do better, be better, dream better. Last weekend I competed in a world championship event with my competitive women’s rowing team. Today I’m pressing “send” on the final manuscript of my upcoming book which I hope will do big things and change big lives. Two nights ago I tripped over my own two feet, crashed onto my ass through three pieces of furniture and a humidifier, and bruised my tailbone so badly that I’m sitting on an inflatable donut as I write this. I finally realized I have multitudes within me and I am a many splendored thing.


This is my freak flag: I am a righteously indignant, hyper-competitive, curse word spewing, confidence catalyzing spazz. I’m Britney, bitch.


You are too.


What would it look like if you were in consonance?  What would it feel like if you stopped trying to be everyone else and just became unapologetically you–crazy, wonderful, quirkily you? Who would you be? What could you accomplish if you stopped wasting energy trying to imitate everyone else and just found your special voice? Imagine finally living a life where you were unapologetically you.


Let’s go to work.