I think what makes me different as a speaker is that I have this attitude, this fearless attitude.


I know that everybody who’s sitting in the audience is just as afraid of screwing up as I am.


Everyone that’s in the audience listening has the same fears the rest of us do. We all fear not meeting goals, not respecting our loved ones enough, or disappointing the people around us. Maybe we fear not reaching our ultimate potential or selling ourselves short.


We need to remember we are all in this together.


The secret is that none of us have a net, even when we look like do. Some of us look like we’ve got our act together. What can set you apart is having a willingness to acknowledge the pain that somebody might be having.


Our fear of failure, the pain you’re experiencing, is what stops you from reaching your goals. You must be willing to talk about it.


If we can all acknowledge we’re in this together, that we all face the same fears, we can have a moment where we just say, “Fuck it, it’s going to be great.”


Success may not be the thing that we think it’s going to be when we get there. Success may look totally different, but it’s still going to be success.


Be willing to talk about your successes and failures. Do it in a framework that allows other people to be able to see their own possibility of success through your experience and fearless attitude.