Have you ever written down some of the things you say to yourself when you self-doubt self-talk? In your mind, these things sound okay, almost reasonable, in fact. Maybe you’re really not that smart, maybe you’re really not that ambitious, maybe your butt really could benefit from a few more squats at the old gym. But if you wrote them down, you’d be horrified.

Take it one step further. Now call up a friend and say these things to her? You probably wouldn’t still be friends when you are done, right?

So, why are we doing this to ourselves? Let’s pledge today, once and for all, that if we are going to live inside our brains, in the echo chamber of self-talk and judgment, that we are a bit kinder to each other. But, let’s also pledge to talk to ourselves like the badass we really are. We all live in the presence of greatness, if only we allow ourselves to believe in and live into it.

Our words become our actions become our character become our fate. Do you want to be amazing? Do you want to be a badass? Talk to yourself as if you already are.

P.S. Nice butt.