Nobody is Perfect; Everybody is Perfect


Guess how many perfect candidates I found in twenty years of doing an executive search? Precisely zero.

Guess how many incredible, world-changing leaders I placed? Approximately all.

Why does this math make sense? Because no one is perfect.

So, that begs the question: What are you waiting around for? You will never have every qualification. You will never have had enough at-bats. You will never be fully comfortable and ready.

It’s time to take the leap anyway. Lean on what you know, surround yourself with smart people, and learn the rest along the way. Stop waiting around to be ready. You’re there. Now, let’s go.

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I help people discover their consonance — how they align what they do with who they are, to achieve their limitless potential. I show people their greatness, encourage them to forge ahead, and become the best versions of themselves.

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